Guys Hair

Hair Styles Of Our Generation!

Guys Hair: Simply done is most common among guys in this age group, this one is the simplest to style, beating out even the pony tail! All that is done for this hairstyle is getting out of bed and starting your day. For a longer lasting bed head look, gel can be used, but most guys in this age group could care less about what their hair looks like, as opposed to the super fashion-conscious girls.


The Ponytail
: Timeless, simple, and sporty. The ponytail is a popular and easy way to do your hair, needing only an elastic to style. Great for keeping your hair out of your eyes during sporting events, ponytails are super popular among athletes. Add a bubble for a stylish touch, or your bangs down for a simpler look.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun
: The messy bun is somewhat newer then the age-old ponytail, but just as popular and simple. Easily styled in under 10 minutes, the messy bun is good for mornings where you are short on time. Once again, a bubble or bump can be added to give the bun a more elegant look.

: This style is simple, but takes more time unless you have naturally straight hair. Straightened hair is stylish and easy with thinner hair, thick hair is more difficult and time consuming. A heat protetant is recomended to prevent breakage, and a straightner is all thats nessessary for this simple style. The effect of straightning makes thick hair seem thinner, adding to the lure of the style.
Scrunched Hair

: This easily-done hairstyle is completed by using gel to curl your hair quckly. It works great no matter what your hair type is. It can be easily done in not too much time. When your hair is wet, si results, scrunched hair is a popluar look for girls in this age group. mply add some gel and comb your hair through your fingers. Quickly done and with good

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