Welcome to Our First Annual...

National Day of Writing:
Tri-Site Collaborative Website Project

Hosted by Area Education Agency 267

Sixty-seven middle schoolers from nineteen school districts in central and north-central Iowa worked together for six months, from October 20 until April 20, in collaborative long-distance groups to develop their own wiki pages on a variety of topics. All of the students' hard work was celebrated on April 20th when students had the opportunity to finally meet their teammates face to face, to share highlights of their wiki pages, and to enjoy awards and pizza.

This project was designed for three purposes:
1. To celebrate the National Day on Writing
2. To have fun writing collaboratively with other middle school students
3. To use technology to broaden perspectives and audiences

Please take a look at the middle school students' pages, and enjoy!

For more information on this project, contact us:
Heather Gould,
Kay Schmalen,
Becky Williams,