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Arnolds Park-

Have you ever been skiing, windsurfing, or taken a spin on one of America's finest roller coasters? Well, come on ovewr to Arnolds' Park located in Northwestern Iowa! Golfing, museums, theaters, boutiques, and tons of fun rides are just a few of many activities found at Arnolds' Park, not to mention one of its most famous roller coasters, the Legend. Built in 1927, the Legend is the 13th oldest wooden roller coaster in the United States. This Legend is a guaranteed thrill that takes you on a topsy turvy ride with many ups and downs


Adventureland Amusement Park-

Space Shot

external image space_shot.jpg

Once you're strapped in, this ride launches you like a rocket 200 feet into the sky


Silly Silo


This popular ride is one of Adventureland's many exciting attractions that screams adventure. Weak stomachs watch out; this ride takes you on the spin of a lifetime.