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Ways to Balance YOUR Time

  • Make homework your #1 priority.
  • Make a schedule or checklist that you complete before you do other things.
  • Get things done BEFORE you do what you want to do.
  • As soon as you get home, go to where you do your homework and complete as much as you can, if you need help, work on something else or do your chores/other priorities (that doesn't include sleeping, watching tv, playing games, being on the computer, etc...)
  • Do NOT put ANYTHING off until the last minute.
  • If sports make completing homework difficult:
    • Practices: bring homework to practice
      • Work on assignments while you wait for your parent/guardian to pick you up.
      • Work on assignments in the car on the way home (reading)
    • Games:
      • If your parents/guardians couldn't make it, do assignments as you wait for them.
      • On away games do your assigments on the bus.

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