How did we communicate
Blogging 2000's

Definition: a frequent cronological publication of a persons thoughts and Web links

A blog is usually a mixture of what is happening in a persons life, his/her thoughts on potitical views, and maybe what is happening on the Web. A blog is sometimes concidered as a public diary.

The word blog is short for weblog. Weblog is a term used to describe a website that is ongoing in giving some sort of information. A blog is frequently updated. Most blogs focus on a particular subject and stick to that subject. If the blog is more like a dirary then it will probably have random thoughts that the writer was thinking needed to be written down.

Blogs tend to have a few things in common:

  • A main content area with articles listed chronolofically, newest on top. Mostly, the articles are organized into categories.
  • An archice of older aricles
  • A way for people to leave comments about the blog
  • A list of links to other related sites

If you are interested in creating a blog, here is a site to get started!