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Definition-- any situation or series of events having strong, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results..

- Surround yourself with people who bring you up, not tear you down.drama_faces.jpg
- Don't let a boy/girlfriend come between you and your friend. (Friends come first!)
- If someone isn't treating you nice, don't try to get them back; just ignore them!
- If you and a friend get in a fight, give it some space.. Then TALK it out!

I know drama is stupid.. No one wants to deal with it, but it is always going to be there! If you learn how to deal with it right, then you will survive the hardness!

For Guys

Sometimes you spend so much time with them that your friends seem to drift away. Try to hang with other friends who are dating. Try to balance your time. If you ditch your friends for your girlfriend too much, one by one, they will drift away. A lot of girlfriends in middle school don't last forever, so when your girlfriend is gone and you need someone to hang with, all your friends will be gone too!

Try to stay on your coaches' good side, but don't suck up. Just try your hardest! Never be that cocky player. No one likes cockiness, NO ONE! You just have to know what level of goofing off your coach or coaches will allow, and read the signs they give off. I guess the best thing to do is show your coach good work ethic and hustle every play you get.
-What does practice make? Perfect? NO! It makes permanent!
-You play as you practice.
-Give it all you got!
-Don't give your body to the play give your heart and your mind!

Frenemies are people who act nice, then mean, then nice, then mean and it continues. They are those you tell your deepest secret to and the next day it is all over, but you end up forgiving them. Be careful! If it happens too much you need to confront them and stop telling them things!

One big thing.. A BOY and a GIRL CAN be JUST FRIENDS!!!

For Girls

You may have to choose between sports and a boy, your friends, or your family. They may seem like impossible choices but they're not. Keep your priorities straight. If you don't pick one you need to know how to handle everything. You know your family and most of your friends will always be there and that boys come and go.

Boys, boys, boys. Girls go crazy for boys. We would do anything to get that one special boy to even look at us. If you really want to get him to notice and like you, try playing hard to get, but be yourself! Pay attention to him when it's just you and him talking; when you're in a big group of people, don't be clingy, if your playing hard to get, ignore him! Boys like fighting for your attention. It is a bad idea to stalk a guy; that is a total turnoff. Give him some breathing room! If he wants you to know something he will tell you no need to pry!

Don't think you're at your best, because frankly you most likely aren't. There's always room for improvement! Even if you are the best player! Try to have fun at practice, but still give 110%. Coaches love that: when you have a good attitude about things, but are still giving your all!
-Live up to your abilities!
-Quitters never win; and Winners never quit.
-It's all for one or one for all.
-Give 100% in practice.. Then you will give 120% in a game/competition!

You can never have enough friends. Surround yourself with people who bring you up, not tear you down! If that means you hang out with more boys than girls, that's okay. If you find the right group of friends, you'll be friends with them forever. One friend can never replace another, there is always room in your heart for both of them!