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How Did We Communicate
E-mail 2000's​

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E-mail is to to communicate in many ways. E-mail is used all around the world to communicate between many people. It can be used to communicate with or betwee businesses, sending out invitations or notifications, to even getting in touch with a friend. E-mail isn't quite as efficient as facebook or instant messaging that sends the messages instantly and they can see them immediatly. The e-mail you send goes out instantly, but in order for the recipient to receive your message they must log on to the e-mail account.

There are many differnt things you can do with your e-mail. You can change ther font that you use and there sizes. You can align your text with the alignment button. You can even add smiley faces!! You can organize all your e-mails in folders that you name. When you get an e-mail account you start out with three folders, inbox, outbox, and junk. The computer will send e-mails that they think is junk to your junk folder automatically. The inbox has all message that are sent to you in that folder. Any messages you send you can find in the outbox. There are many different sites to choose from when signing up for an e-mil account.

Businesses you e-mail in many different ways. They use it to work together, place orders, marketing, and even improving customer service. You can send out your upcoming party invitations out using e-mail. They can then send you back an e-mail with there RSVP. Friends send out e-mails to keep in touch. You can send a message to a friend you have lost touch with. Many people use it to send there friends forwards that brighten there day.