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Facebook is one of the many ways of communicating in this century. Facebook is a very complex online social networking site. There are many different things to do on facebook. You can do anything from playing a game, to updating your status, to even chatting with friends that are also online. Those are only a few of the many things that facebook does. You can create your own personal profile about yourself with photos. You can also make a group about anything you would like. You can then add groups and friends. Down below is a step by step instruction manual to get started using facebook.

Facebook for Dummies
There are many different things to do on facebook. This is a brief description of the many things to do.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the log in box

    • Fill out user information accurately
    • Make sure all information is correct before accepting because with certain information you can not go back and edit it
  1. Sign into your e-mail account and verify your e-mail
    • You can then get started using facebook
    • There's a lot more you can do afrer verifying
  2. Fill out your hometown, political views, favorite quotes, and more
    • Update your status
      • Update by clicking on the status box
      • Keep in mind that every one can see what you say
    • You can upload photos also
      • Upload photos while updating status
      • You can tag your friends and you in those photos or even add a captain
  3. Finding friends
    • Click on friends on the top and then find friends.
      • When you add friends you can see there information and there photos
  4. Chatting with online friends
    • Click on chat at the bottom right hand side of the page
    • Click on their name and chat with them
  5. Playing games
    • You can play games by going to applications and clicking on them
    • Allow application and then start playing
Like I said this is only a brief summary of how to get started. There are many more things to do on facebook. It is a very complex website.