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Home l Poverty l Disaster Relief l Animal Welfare l Environmental Destruction l Violence and BullyingHave you ever wanted to volunteer for a cause, but don't know what? This website is for you! We have a bunch of topics about volunteering and service opportunities that can give you loads of ideas to help your school, your community, and your world.external image volunteer.gif

Ways to Help Your Community

-Look around! You can find tons of local opportunities in your newspaper, on the local news, or even at school.
-See if your school supports a volunteer program. If not, see if you can!
-Try to find a local organization for volunteering, like 4-H or scouting organizations.

Ways to Help Your Country
-Assuming you live in the U.S., scouting organizations are a good place to start. The Girl Scouts of the United States of America are perfect and can be really fun if you and a couple of friends get involved. Or, if you're a guy, there's the Boy Scouts of America
-For both genders, 4-H is pretty creative and fun.

Ways to Help Your World
-Try to go green. It's not really a service for other people, but it is in a way. It doesn't have to be huge. Just a few steps can go a LONG way. Here's a site with zillions of guides for all sorts of places you can go green.
10 Ways to Go Green
How to Go Green: TreeHugger
-Donate. If you or your family have a little extra money, most organizations accept donations of many kinds. Or, if you want something free and simple (and only needs an Internet connection), try

Volunteering is pretty easy and only needs a few hours of your time. Instead of sitting around your house, doing nothing, you can get your friends together and help out!
Volunteers of America

Some major organizations that support volunteering are the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, 4-H, and the Red Cross.

Check out this website for ideas: --Heather
Start volunteering!
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