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Sports are a big way of making friends are creating self-confidence in junior high. No matter what the sport, you will always need some athletic ability. Consider this when going out for sports.

If you are big, strong, able to intimidate anyone, and basically built a bit larger than others, you probably are a football lineman.
If you can run fast, and have beastly juking moves, then you could play runningback of wide-out. Probably a cornerback or safety on defense.sports.gif
If you're a quarterback it's almost obvious, you can throw the ball farther and more accurately than anyone, and might have some speed to back it up.

If you can handle the ball and shoot from the outside, you're a guard.
If you are the biggest player on the court and can be more physical than anyone, you're probably a post.
If you are a mix, can shoot outside and dribble well, but taller and decently physical, then you might be a forward.

Some other sports are:
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Track & Field

You don't necessarily have to play these sports, every sport also needs a manager, who takes times, counts yards, keeps track of who scores, etc.

You just need to know what your good at, and also that some sports just aren't for you. Judgment is the key to a lot, just think about it and
make the right decision.
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