Greatest Achievement

•What is the greatest achievement of our generation? Really, could anybody pick just one thing?
•This website has picked some of the top achievements of our generation.
•They may be disagreeable to some, but exactly right to others; but, it is only what we (two middle schoolers) think.

1) Barack Obama:
Barack Obama became the 44th president on January 20th, 2009.
He also became the first African-American president of the USA.
There are many people who disagree with his ideas and him becoming president, but there are others who do agree.
Many citizens blame him for bringing our country being into debt and all of the problems it has, but have you stopped to think that's not the problem?
George W. Bush was the man whose desicions brought us into all of this debt and conflicts with the war, and Obama may be the man to bring us out of it...if you just gave him some more time.
Like they say, Rome wasn't built in a day.


2) Technology:
Technology has become so advanced today, it's almost incredible. Who would have ever thought that you could have a face to face conversation through a small camera on a computer? Or texting? Or having a three way conversation on phone? Or an ipod that holds movies, games, and songs?
I bet if you said that twenty years ago, people would have just laughed at you.
It's pretty amazing what technology has come to today.
It has revolutionized everyday life, and made things a lot easier.
A long, long time ago people sent messges back and forth by a single person riding on a horse, which took a matter of days.
Now, though, it only takes a matter of seconds to send a quick text message, or dial someone's number to call them.
To some people though, technology today can be a bit confusing. If people-who say technology is confusing-sat down for a
little while and played with some of the new tools and gadgets, it wouldn't be so confusing.
Technology is just have to know how to use it.


How do we know what advances in technology/science will be made in the future?
No one is ever for sure, but this article might help you understand what possibly might happen in the upcoming years.

3) Health:
The advances in health are incredible:
Check out this article about microsystems engineer Roberto Guerrieri

who has invented a way to possibly help defeat cancer cells.

Every year more and more advances are made in health.
This timeline will show you whats happened over the years, starting at 460 B.C!

4) Cars:
Cars are getting more and more environmentally friendly each day. The Chevy Bolt is a hybrid car, with a 230 gallon tank.