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This is not what everyone wants to here but it is true..middle school has bullies, and you have to be aware of them. When ever a bully sees someone that doesn't feel good about themselves or is having a bad day they pounce. It is like they are stalking out their pray. Bullies just try to get a reaction, whether it is a punch, a comeback, or just acting ticked off. You are just giving them what they want, and if they get what they want they won't stop until something changes. Just always feel good about yourself and stay positive. That will keep most bullies away. If they still don't stay away try not to let it get to you, but if you feel it has just gone to far you need to tell a trusted adult, right away. (A trusted adult may be a parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, guidance counselor, etc.)

When it comes to bullying don't be a bystander. A bystander is a person present but no involved. So, if you are a bystander to bullying, are not a kid who gets bullied or even bully someone, you stand back and watch others get bullied and you don't do a thing about it. The next time you see someone being bullied, try one or more of these ideas and try to make a difference!

Stand Up For The One Being Bullied
Sometimes all a person being bullied needs is a friend, someone to stand up for them, someone to make the bully see there is someone who cares about the person being bullied. You might not be very fond of the kid being bullied, but if you know they didn't do anything wrong, help them. Put yourself in their shoes; Would you like to be alone, against a bully? Would you like to be put down by someone bigger than you? Just think about it and try not to stand back and watch it!

Tell An Adult
Sometimes the kid being bullied is scared to tell an adult, they think if they tell the bulling will get worse. That is where you step in you can either go tell a trusted adult right away or get a friend to come with you. If you are still afraid talk to the kid being bullied and other kids being bullied by the same person or other bystanders and you can all go together to tell about the bully.

Stand Up To The Bully

If you feel comfortable enough you can stand up to the bully. You can just tell them that you feel it is wrong and no one thinks it is cool. You could also get a group together to show that it is not cool and it will not make the bully popular. Sometimes when bullies see that other people don't find it cool they back off and stop their habits of bullying. If you choose this way to stop the bullying make sure you and your group don't turn into bullies!

Are You A Bully?
Some people don't know it but they are the ones being the bully. It is time to see if you have a confession. Answer these.

  • Is there is kid (or more than one) you've repeatedly pushed, tripped, or punched in a mean way just because you felt to?
  • Have you ever had someone else hurt someone you don't like?
  • Have you and your friends kept someone from playing/hanging out with you more than once (Examples: Not allowing them to sit by you in class, at your table for lunch, not allowing them to be on your team for a game!)?
  • Have you ever used words to hurt someone; like called them names, made fun of their clothes, appearance, the way they talk, or act?

If you said yes to any of those questions you might have something to admit. It is okay there are a lot of people all over this world in the same boat, either just finding out they are a bully of not knowing they are a bully. Bullying is serious business! It causes kid lots of pain. It can also affect their health and their ability to perform well in school.
--But Wait!
If you want to change your bullying ways you should visit Stop Bullying Now. It is a great website. You can watch it's webisodes and it can also teach you how to treat your friends nicer and with more respect . It also teaches you how to help solve the bullying problem!

If you are being bullied....

Use an 'I message'. An example of an I message is this:

Scenario: Student 1 is bullying Student 2.

Student 2 says, "_<insert bully's name here>_, I feel _<insert emotion here>_ when you _<insert action here>_"

Hopefully, after that, Student 2 can get Student 1 to stop bullying him/her.

This is a little clip with some advice about being bullied.